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New Sources Of Funding

Many people think that there  has been substantial reductions in funding out there due to the governments deficit reduction policies, while this is undoubtably correct, there are still many other funding sources, that organisations can apply to. Charitable Trusts alone distribute  up to an estimated £3.8 billion a year in grant funding. If you want to know more about this contact us here at CNT.

Times Are Changing

You cannot have failed to notice, that in the elections yesterday, a wide variety of voting systems, coalitions and political parties  are now  established in different part of Britain. No one party or coalition is in power and there are different arrangements and structures that are in existance or are emerging.

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Changes In Education Funding

Here at CNT we have been talking to a number of organisations and individuals about new ways to raise funding for education and childrens and young peoples projects, in the light of government funding cuts and other changes. At CNT we are developing some new proposals to address this issue.

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New Structures For Employment And Community Projects

Due to changes in government policy, traditional funding models for  employment and community projects changing rapidly. In future projects will need diverse funding streams,  possibly including grants, loans and direct income generation. Here at CNT we are actively involved in developing such models. If you want more information, contact us now!

Big Society Training

I am off on my Big Society tour- running two days training in London and Birmingham, this is our most popular course at the moment. If you want to know more- contact us at  or check out our website

Dipping Into The Blogpond

Welcome to our first post.

Well we have taken the plunge and hope to be

blogging CNT style in the future.